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Microservices with Spring BOOT

Course Price

₹ 14999

Course length

100 Hours

Create modular microservices, and solutions offered by Netfilx Open Source Stack.

About the course

Microservice architectures are the ‘new normal’. Building small, self-contained, ready to run applications can bring great flexibility and added resilience to your code. Spring Boot’s many purpose-built features make it easy to build and run your microservices in production at scale. Here is a list of important topics you will learn in this course.

1. Spring BOOT
2. Spring Core
3. Spring MVC
4. Eureka Server
5. Hystrix Fault Tolerance
6. Zuul Api Gateway
7. Ribbon Client Side Load Balancing
8. Spring Security using JWT
9. Distributed Tracing with Zipkin and Sleuth
10. Microservice Deployment

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